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We are a team, specialised in technical and creative translation in a wide range of fields and language combinations, with over 20 years’ experience.

Translation is part of a localisation service, i.e. besides translating the content, we ensure it is adapted to the target language, taking into account the linguistic, cultural and geopolitical characteristics of each country.

With customers throughout the world, we translate from and into over 50 language combinations, our main areas of expertise including fields such as medicine, pharmacy, software/IT, marketing, tourism, banking, automotive industry, legal, accounting/finance, and web, among others.

We have a team of native translators who guarantee that our translations are of the highest quality and abide by the rules and specific terminology of each language and every customer.

Our working methodology involves a quality control and proofreading process as well as the maintenance of terminology databases, glossaries and translation memories, so that each customer can be assured of an accurate and coherent final result. Through project management and the use of state-of-the art technology, we maintain a close relationship with all our partners and are able to increase our ability to meet customer deadlines.

found in translation

Bringing meaning together.

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  • En todos los idiomas.
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  • Dans toutes les langues.
  • 在每种语言

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We work with various languages:

We undertake translation services using both our internal team of translators and our partner network, comprising around 40 native translators.

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Who We Are

We are a multidisciplinary team with over 20 years’ experience, comprising translators, editors, proofreaders, managers and communication experts, who value the relationship of trust we have maintained with all our customers over the years.

For us, the challenge of translation is the perfect opportunity to be part of a constantly-changing world, where communication plays a key role in connecting people, industries and organisations.

Telmo Cintrão

Partner & Project Manager
Telmo Cintrão
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My desire to be a translator came up during 10th grade, influenced by my Translation Techniques teacher. Since then, I have never thought of any other alternative and have completely devoted myself to this area. When I finished university, I almost immediately had the opportunity to join one of the biggest translation multinationals. That is where I learned how to work with tools, glossaries and all the resources that are used to support the translation work. After spending around ten years in the same place as a translator, proofreader and project manager, it was time to move on. At the right time, with the right people, found in translation was born.

Nuno Fernandes

Partner & Project Manager
Nuno Fernandes
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I was born in 1976 and since then have always been surrounded by books. So much so that during my adolescence, I almost disregarded figures. Thankfully, that changed much later. I like politics and sport. I love music. In fact, through my influence, music is literally part of the daily life at found in translation. Translation made its way into my academic and professional career quite naturally. I was a freelance translator for 6 years and later joined a U.S. multinational in this area to take on the role of Language Specialist and Project Manager.

António Jesus

Project Manager/IT
António Jesus
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My experience in the world of translation began in 2003, when I joined a U.S. multinational as IT Manager.

In 2010, I also started working on project management, which I was excited to take on, as a complement to the IT area. I have always been very thorough in my professional life and that was essential for becoming passionate about translation and all the processes related to it. Helping the company to grow is my main objective and flying the company’s flag is something that I naturally do with great pride. I enjoy reading and everything sports-related, especially water sports, which give me the tranquillity, discipline and peace of mind that I need to face every day with a smile and a positive attitude.

Leontina Cruz

Quality Assurance
Leontina Cruz
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I have been working as a translator since 1998. It was probably during 7th grade that I realised that I wanted to be a translator, when in the English class, I was asked to translate a short text and I loved the entire process. I have a degree in Translation from ISLA and attended a post-graduation in Translation at the Lisbon University of Humanities. Deep down, I think I have always liked the idea of the multiculturalism conveyed by the translation world. On top of that, I am passionate about music, concerts, cuisine, travelling and sports. They help me to be happier and consequently, also help me to be a better professional in what I do.

Filipe Gonçalves

Filipe Gonçalves
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My interest for the world of languages began in secondary school, where I had my first opportunity to translate. After finishing my Degree in Translation at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of Universidade Nova de Lisboa in 2012, my professional experience in the field began with an internship at the European Central Bank.

In 2014, I discovered found in translation, where I did a curricular internship for my Masters in Translation. After concluding my studies, I joined the found in translation team. I like all kinds of sports and outdoor activities, and I’m never without music wherever I go.

Rita Garcia

Rita Garcia
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After finishing my graduation in European Studies in 2012, I spent 2 years living and working in Prague. In 2014 I returned to Lisbon to complete a Translation Master’s Degree. I’m very curious about different languages and cultures and that’s the main reason why I choose working with languages as a career.

Before joining found in translation, I worked as an intern in Instituto Camões, in Lisbon, and at European Parliament, in the Luxembourg. In my free time, I enjoy travelling and going to the beach. Or the two together. I also enjoy music and dancing. But my favorite art is theatre.

Bruno Gil

Bruno Gil
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With a Translation degree at ISLA Lisbon, I started working in translation over two decades ago and I haven’t stopped since.

After 10 years working as a freelancer, I figured it was the right time to embrace a new challenge and ended up at found in translation, alongside colleagues I’ve known for many years. It has been a very positive, uplifting experience, one that I hope lasts for a long time.

External Team

External Team
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Our team of translators and proofreaders is composed of around 40 professionals with experience in a wide range of fields and that are used to work under pressure with large volumes for tight deadlines. We quickly set up teams of translators and proofreaders with the right characteristics for each project, guaranteeing top quality.


“Professional. Trust. Quality. Dedicated. Compliant.”

That’s how our customers classified found in translation in a survey to assess our company and services, which was carried out in January 2017.

Our customer base includes major Portuguese and international companies. Our commitment is to continue rising to the challenges imposed by our customers and meeting their required standards of quality.

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